Fire and Ice – Ice Bar in Nozawa

by Mark on January 3, 2010

Ice Bar at Villa Nozawa

Villa Nozawa - Ice Bar The Coolest place in Town

With all this snow falling in Nozawa the guys have decided to put it to some good use besides gliding in it. They are moulding the ever growing pile of snow out the front of Villa Nozawa into a very cool Ice Bar.

Had a trial run opening tonight but the snow was still falling heavily so was called off after the first round. If Mother Nature reveals some stars tomorrow night we should see Happy Hour again!

Long term Guest Peter Crisp has been doing a bit of Ice Sculpting at the front of the bar and made an amazing Fire Breathing Dragon! It is sure to rival the creations at the Sapporo Snow Festival

Ice Sculptor Peter at work at Villa Nozawa

Ice Sculptor Peter at work at Villa Nozawa

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