Fine and sunny

by Mark on March 14, 2015

jerry preparing_1200

Base up top: 445 cm    Temp Top; -7 Degrees

Base at bottom; 225 cm

New Snow since close: 10-15 cm

Weather; Clear

Continuing on the trend of excellency this week we have had a further top up of 10-15cm overnight. Looks like we will have yet another day of epic pow. It is the weekend so expect crowds to be slightly higher than what we have had this week however the sun is well and truly out; there is beautiful clear weather up top. Good compensation in this regard.

Today will be the last day for some time with mid winter style snow. From tomorrow we should expect a gradual but dramatic increase in the freezing level spiralling upwards of 3000 meters by Wednesday. Until that, mostly fine and sunny weather is forecast.

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