Expect the unexpected in Nozawa Onsen with a 50cm surprise dump

by Mark on February 11, 2012

Matt Chamberlain tapping a tree on the way thru by Alison Szymik. This shot was taken a little while ago but think wil be similiar conditions up top today

Base up top: 395cm                  Temperature; -8 Degrees

Base at bottom; 295 cm

New Snow: 50 cm

Was not expecting that when went to bed last night. It was snowing lightly but has taken off and we have 50cm on the front door and should be even more up top.

Didn’t even see anyone at breakfast this morning with everyone racing out the door to get amongst the fresh snow. Feels like a while since we have had to dig out the cars in the morning and was beautiful to see!

Yesterday was a terrific day too with reports of about 20cm of fresh up top. But today should be deeper and the powder hounds hunger should be well catered for out there. Quite a bit of movement around town this morning so may have to share a few of the lines with the weekend crowd.

Looks like Uenotaira around the middle section received the most with the base there now over the 4 Meter mark at 410cm. Still big flakes floating down out there at the moment so get up there and make the most of the great conditions.

The outlook is for light snow and even a bit of sun but who knows may get another unscheduled dump! Anything is possible in the mountains so take care on the slopes and the roads and have a great weekend.

Always know we have had a good night on the snow front in Nozawa Onsen when your car grows 2 feet taller!

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