Epic week ahead

by Mark on February 19, 2013

Ice trees at Nozawa Onsen this morning.

Base up top: 345cm        Temp Top; -8 Degrees

Base at bottom: 190cm

New Snow since close: 10cm

At the moment we have some light snow flurries and light winds here in Nozawa Onsen. Testing the conditions out this morning we have some fun riding on offer at the top area of the mountain. There is about 10-15cm of fresh and the base layer isn’t too icy either; at least in the Yamabiko area. As you ride to the lower half you will notice there are decreasing amounts of fresh and it is quite icy as well. Therefore it is best to stick to the top half today.

Visibility is variable as clouds move over the peak. At times ok, otherwise poor. There are some fantastic ice coated trees across the mountain, worthwhile taking the camera to capture the spectacle.

Unfortunately yesterday morning’s snow showers did not last, turning to rain at about 1pm. Thankfully the top half escaped being hit with the liquid snow so damage is limited to down low. The poor conditions forced most people indoors so the slopes were very un-crowded. It was still a fun day for those who made the effort to stay out.

The snow forecast continues to impress. We expect snow showers to continue today and the next day and the next day and so on… All in all we expect cold temps snow showers of varying intensity to last until next Tuesday. Heavier dumps are expected tomorrow, Friday night and Sunday night. It looks like a perfect Japanese winter weather pattern has really set in.

View from the chair at Yamabiko this morning.

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