Dreaming of some spring skiing in Japan?

by Mark on February 15, 2012

We have had so much snow in Nozawa this season they had to dig the lifts out just to keep them moving! April is still going to be good

Base up top: 380 cm                  Temperature; -5 Degrees

Base at bottom; 265 cm

New Snow: 0 cm

We woke up to a pretty bleak start to the day here in Nozawa with fog blanketing most of the resort and even some rain down low.

It is giving way now to some light snow down low and heavier up high. Visibility is pretty non-existent and it is more like an English ferry crossing up high at the moment. But there have been a few come back and say the snow quality is pretty nice up top. They have decided to hit an onsen and wait for better views tomorrow!

Down low is not as bad and if you are keen sure you could link a few turns together.

We should get a bit of sun tomorrow then a good dump from tomorrow night. All going to plan that should carry into Saturday then for the first time in a while I am seeing some sunshine on the menu for Nozawa. Kind of looking forward to it!

For anyone in Australia and thinking of shooting up to enjoy the bumper season we are having, Jetstar has just put out a 2 for 1 Sale to Japan

Here is the link http://www.jetstar.com/au/en/special%20offers/japan2for1

Appears to be mainly for the month of April, which is not a bad thing. With so much snow this year conditions should still be pretty good fun then. Traditionally it is Spring skiing with some sunny days and seriously private slopes. We are doing great deals on accom too so may be time to jump on the computer and then on a plane and come up to Nozawa!

Private slopes await in April in Nozawa Onsen


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