Delayed Snowfalls

by Mark on January 22, 2014

Pat in deep a few days ago.

Pat in deep a few days ago.

Base up top: 280 cm    Temp Top; -9 Degrees

Base at bottom; 165 cm

New Snow since close: 10-20 cm

Weather; Snow

Current weather conditions, dumping! After disappointing snowfalls, or lack thereof yesterday we finally have the sustained moderate falls that the forecast models were predicting. Since close of lifts yesterday 10cm has accumulated at Yamabiko and 20cm has collected across the mid mountain. This indicates windy conditions up top so the best riding will be had on the lower three quarters of the mountain. Head to the trees or lower groomers for improved depth perception in the near whiteout conditions.

Yesterday saw mostly overcast conditions and passing heavily isolated snow showers early before the clouds ascended to higher elevations later in the afternoon. The riding was good with cold temperatures and plenty of nice deep fresh amongst the trees. Crowds were non-existent, it was possible to have an entire run to yourself.

According to the forecast we should see a gradual decline in snowfalls today and tomorrow snow showers will become isolated, clearing later in the day. Friday is set to be sunny bluebird all day but will warm considerable to a freezing level of around 1200m with a tropical airstream. Next significant snowfalls are expected Saturday night into Sunday.

Smashing some pillows.

Smashing some pillows.

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