Decent Overnight Falls; Windblown 10cm up top

by Mark on January 5, 2017

Bringing in the heavy machinery to clear the roads in Nozawa Onsen

Bringing in the heavy machinery to clear the roads in Nozawa Onsen


Base at top: 140 cm

Temp at Top: -7 Degree

Base at Uenotaira station: 100 cm

New snow since close: 5-10 cm

Weather: Snow

Snow flurries have continued on and off here tonight in Nozawa Onsen. Its hard to measure the amounts fallen with a strong wind blowing across the mountain, as of 8:40am the resort still hasn’t published their updates but i’d estimate 5-10cm overnight up top. With the strong winds certain lifts including the gondola may be placed on wind hold today and expect extremely cold conditions up on Yamabiko (windchill -20). There will be plenty of windblown fresh powder on offer for those who brave the cold. UPDATE: The snow is coming down with increasing amounts here in the village. Going to be a good day up there.

Yesterday was an average day on the mountain until just after lunch when it vastly improved. The morning we saw some moderate wet snowfalls up high and rain down in the village. An extremely thick fog soaked the upper mountain making for hazardous conditions considering the chopped up and occasionally icy snowpack.  Around lunchtime the temperatures took a definite chill and it started snowing heavily across the mountain top to bottom. Taking many by surprise the heavy falls provide fresh tracks in certain areas during the afternoon much to the delight of those who persisted from the morning.

The forecast ahead continues to look very good. Going off the current runs a meter over next week would be a conservative estimate. In fact, for the period 10-17th I wouldn’t be surprised of snowfall totals in the region of two meters. A sustained frigid winter setup of consistent snowfalls are predicted over this time period. As these dates draw closer excitement is steadily increasing in accordance with confidence of these figures. In the meantime, after the current snowfall activity we expect a clearing trend to result in mostly sunny conditions over this weekend.

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