Busy Times in Nozawa

by Mark on February 12, 2011

Weekend Crowd Nozawa Onsen

Has been snowing lightly all morning here in Nozawa.

But not enough to warrant getting out the shovel as yet.

Long lines to get on to the lifts this morning.

Was a few hundred meters out the door of Nagasaka Gondola and up the road.

Lengths reminiscent of the early 90’s levels. Although not great for everyone hitting the slopes it is good for the resort to see.

Yesterday was a lot quieter on the slopes and snow was pretty good but was getting tracked out early.

A quiet place Taki no Yu Onsen just below Nozawa House

Still waiting on a decent dump tonight but the forecast has come back a little. Monday night is also showing a good dump on the radar now.

Jazz Festival on from 7pm at Arena and also Iiyama just below Nozawa is having a snow festival today and tomorrow well worth checking out

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