Bluebird Day!

by Mark on January 24, 2013

ECMWF is an excellent forecasting resource. Here we can see a low forming over the northern Sea of Japan delivering an intense NW flow aimed squarely at Nozawa Onsen. This should produce heavy snowfalls.

Base up top: 305cm        Temp Top; -1 Degrees

Base at bottom: 160cm

New Snow since close: 0cm

Weather; Perfect blue sky

It’s a perfect clear blue sky day here in Nozawa Onsen, the best clear day of the month so far. Not a cloud in the sky. Bring the cameras up as there will be some pretty special views to take in.

Today looks like it will remain clear till the afternoon when some high cloud should move through preceding the much talked about frontal system. It’s warm up there at the moment, temperatures should reach above freezing across the whole mountain. The snow will be slushy and fun, especially on the groomers.

Yesterday saw fast conditions across the mountain (some say icy) which was excellent for laying down a few high speed carves as long as moguls were absent. Off piste offered a few quality lines early with the dusting of snow the night before.

Everyone in Nozawa at the moment should be very happy as the forecast looks very impressive indeed. We should see snow showers commence tonight before becoming heavy tomorrow and maintaining intensity till early Sunday morning. A good sized dump is more than likely. Afterwards isolated snow showers and cold temps should persist till Tuesday morning.

A good time to clear the roofs in Nozawa Onsen.


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