Another nice dump in Nozawa but where is everyone?

by Mark on March 21, 2012

Carmen from New York loving the Nozawa Powder!

Base up top: 380 cm        Temperature; -5 Degrees

Base at bottom; 235 cm

New Snow: 15 cm               Weather; Bluebird

Pretty insane conditions in Nozawa at the moment with another decent dump overnight and blue skies today. Life does not get much better!

We stumbled home from the Nakao concert last night and the snow was falling gracefully from the sky. Was beautiful with all the candles in the snow and the sake buzz added to the affect!

Woke up to a decent driveway clear and over boot deep powder on the slopes with zero crowds. The base is back up to near the 4-meter mark and conditions are sublime. Like every year always amazes me March is so good yet almost no one comes up. Even stranger this year with so much snow on offer. Not that we are complaining too much, more untracked runs for the keen.

Looks like we are in for a blue bird start to the day tomorrow then consistent snow falls up top for the foreseeable future! Like I said life is good in Nozawa..

Tini san cruising thru the powder on the styraight skis. Making it look easy!

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