All the Elements coming together in Nozawa

by Mark on January 26, 2011

Nozawa Onsen Fire Festival First Flames

Probably under baked the Fire Festival this year so to speak so thought should post a few more photos from what was an amazing night as always

Was even more special for us this year with the birth of our first son Kai arriving on the scene in May last year. We didn’t erect a tower this time but he was there in force and felt the heat and atmosphere.

Dosojin Fire Gods Nozawa Onsen

Dosojin Gods Nozawa Onsen

At the entry to most houses in the Village you will see these two Gods one man and one woman. They are said to ward off evil and bring good luck.

History says that these two gods were not very pretty so had troubles getting married. But eventually they met and had a baby boy. So they are also known as the gods for Match Making and Fertility Gods. Seemed to work for us!

Kai Kun ready to set the World on Fire!

On the snow front

The stars were shining last night over Nozawa and this morning it is doing its best to go blue skies.
Still a bit of light cloud hanging about and some snow forecast for later in the day

Snow conditions are terrific and with very light winds should be an amazing day.
Yesterday saw some great powder but also some strong winds in the middle of the day which saw a few people head for cover early. The wind then abated so was some solitude and superb conditions on the empty runs.

Great sunset too last night to top of the day

The forecast is for light snow over the next few days then the next decent dump is still looming for Saturday
A few of the Yellow Coats school groups on the slopes at the moment otherwise lift lines are pretty non existent.
Together with the stellar run of great snow conditions it is an awesome time to be in the Mountains

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