A Return to Dumping

by Mark on February 5, 2014

Classic Nozawa car pillow

Classic Nozawa car pillow

Base up top: 290 cm    Temp Top; -14 Degrees

Base at bottom; 155 cm

New Snow since close: 35 cm

Weather; Windy with snow

We have some heavy weather about the village and mountain today in Nozawa Onsen. It is extremely cold, maybe the coldest during snowfalls of any time this season. The wind is very strong, the gondolas are running at the moment, but it would be surprising if they stay open for any length of time unless the wind decreases. Its currently partly cloudy with isolated snow showers, which are expected to continue on and off today.

The wind drifts today will be deep, very deep and the riding will be outstanding amongst the trees. The classic light dry japow that we have been missing for the past week, wohoo! No venturing outside the resort area today without the necessary avy gear as all this new snow is very unstable sitting on an icy base layer. Groomed runs will be nice, silky smooth and fast with the very cold temperatures.

According to the forecast snow showers will continue until late Thursday before easing entirely. Friday has the possibility of being clear at this stage. Further ahead we are set for another period of moderate snowfalls beginning Saturday and lasting for at least three days.

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