A reason to celebrate at Nozawa Onsen

by Mark on January 14, 2016

Base at top:  100 cm

Temp at Top; -9 Degrees

Base at Uenotaira  90 cm

New Snow since close: 0 cm       

Weather; snowing!


With the fire festival starting to kick into gear, and with a forecast like this, there’s no reason not to be excited.

We’ve recently been somewhat deprived of the usual heavy snow we’re familiar with at Nozawa, but it seems that the waiting game could soon be over. We should see some light snowfalls to finish off the week, followed by heavy snowfalls to start the new week. Powder is coming to Nozawa! Winds will be strong after the weekend, bringing the windchill right down to -26 at times… but those cold temperatures mean that the snow will stay lighter and fluffier, and that it will hold solid once it landed

Yesterday saw the initial preparations for the Fire Festival, which will be taking place on Friday. Over today and tomorrow the locals will be building the shrine using traditional techniques; no nails or screws, just twine and rope. There’s lots happening around town so be sure to get involved!

Courses planned to be open:

– Yamabiko A course

– Yamabiko B course

– Yamabiko C course

– Yamabiko D course

– Yamabiko E course

– Paradise

– Kokenashi

– Uenotaira

– Bunabayashi

– Yunomine A

– Yunomine B

– Rinkan

– Mukairin Contact

– Karasawa Contact

– Nagasaka Contact
– Kaminotaira

– Kitsun

– Fox course

– Isemiya

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 8.00.10 am

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