A bluebird day once again, but not for long…

by Mark on January 4, 2016

Base at top: 85 cm
Temp at Top; 1 Degrees
Base at Uenotaira 80 cm
New Snow since close: 0 cm
Weather; clear! Bluebird day
Following yesterday’s beautiful blue skies it looks today will be pretty similar again. Tomorrow the temperatures start to drop again and snow should start falling in the evening. Wednesday looks like it’ll clear up a little before a big storm begins to move in on Thursday. Things are looking like they only get better from there with heavy snow predicted for all of Saturday. Temperatures will be staying low throughout the week which is welcome news after these warm past two days.

Current conditions up on the mountain are not fantastic; There is some grass and shrub exposure and a few sections have unfortunately had to be closed off due to a lack of snow coverage, although there are still some good spots around The Japanese school holidays are over as of today so the mountain should be far less busy from today onwards.

Stay safe up there and enjoy the blue skies!
Courses planned to be open:

– Yamabiko A course
– Yamabiko B course
– Yamabiko C course
– Yamabiko D course
– Yamabiko E course
– Paradise
– Kokenashi
– Uenotaira
– Bunabayashi
– Mizunashi A
– Mizunashi B
– Yunomine A
– Yunomine B
– Rinkan
– Challenge
– Hikage
– Ushikubi
– Isemiya
– Kitsun
– Nagasaka connection
– SkylinePW3A2975 PW3A4082

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