by Mark on January 23, 2014

Sophie displacing some powder.

Sophie displacing some powder.

Base up top: 300 cm    Temp Top; -9 Degrees

Base at bottom; 180 cm

New Snow since close: 10-20 cm

Weather; Light snow

At the moment in the village we have some light snow falling, which has continued on and off for the past 12 hours. Temperatures are cold so the snow quality will be very good. Since last lifts yesterday we have had around 10cm of accumulation at the the summit and 20cm across the mid mountain. This indicates windblown conditions, but at the moment the wind is light.

Yesterday was an epic day on the hill. Very few people meant it was possible to have entire runs to yourself. Amongst the trees there were vast fields of untracked powder which was perfect depth with around 30cm of accumulation throughout the day.

Looking at the forecast ahead we should see a clearing trend later in the afternoon and a full bluebird day tomorrow. Unfortunately temperatures should warm briefly tomorrow before further snowfalls set in Sunday. At this point in time moderate to heavy falls are expected.

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