by Mark on March 31, 2012

It is getting quiet in the streets of Nozawa Onsen.

Base up top: 360 cm        Temperature; +5 Degrees

Base at bottom; 200 cm

New Snow: 0 cm               Weather: Rain

Slow start this morning with rain drops falling from the sky. Temperatures are well above freezing and it looks like we need to wait a bit longer for the snow to come. Temperatures are expected to drop through out the day so hopefully we will get the heavy snow which is on the forecast for tonight. Will be a great day to have a hot Onsen after skiing at one of the thirteen free public bath houses in Nozawa.

Wonderful conditions yesterday. Turned out to be another blue bird. To head up early was the key to happiness. Hardly anyone on the slopes and great fun to put in the first tracks on the freshly groomed slopes. As temperatures were rising it got a bit slushy towards the afternoon. But for sure another nice day in Nozawa Onsen.

Snow is still on the forecast. We are waiting until the temperatures drop and then we should be back in powder wonderland by tonight.


Please note:

From Monday next week, a number of lifts and lower courses will be closed for the season – yes, even with all the snow! – but upper slopes will be going strong until May 6th (and there’s always the chance they might move that to later with all the snow). So, Sunday will be the last of the “whole mountain open” days this season. Still loads of riding to do though.

The following lifts will have their last day of the season this coming Sunday (unless otherwise noted):

Hikage Gondola
Paradise Four (but re-opening for wekeends and Golden Week)
Shinyu pair
Kandahar pair
Higake triple (open until 2nd)
Higake No2 pair AB
Nagasaka triple
Nagasaka four
Nagasaka gondola connecting pair
Karasawa pair
Mizunashi triple
Utopia pair
Challenge pair
Yunomine pair
‘Yu’ road (open until 2nd)

Good news for your pocket. There will be reduced lift Tickets available from Monday 2 of April.

1 day Ticket Adults 3500 Yen (was 4600 Yen)
1 day Ticket Kids 2500 Yen (was 3500 Yen

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