November 2011

Nozawa it’s a beautiful day…

by Mark on November 26, 2011

Glorious morning in Nozawa Onsen today, after a pretty wild one on the weather front yesterday. We had strong winds and sleet throughout the course of the afternoon. The top of the mountain was shrouded in cloud most of the day so was hard to see what was going on up there. But this morning […]


30 cm of Fresh Snow Forecst for Nozawa Onsen

by Mark on November 20, 2011

Snow on the horizon for Nozawa Onsen. If predictions are correct then we could be in for over 30cm of snow up top over the next few days. Snowforecast was pretty spot on last season and a lot of the time can almost double what they predict! Temperatures up top are getting down to as […]


Snow on the menu in Nozawa Onsen

by Mark on November 15, 2011

Many Alpine regions in Japan woke up to a blanket of snow this morning and Nozawa Onsen was no different with snow down to about half way covering Uenotaira . First good covering of the year and looks like more to come over the next day or two. Then will warm up over the weekend […]


Nozawa Onsen Photo Contest

by Mark on November 3, 2011

With just one month to go until the resort is set to open here in Nozawa Onsen on December 3rd, there is a cool feeling of excitement in the air. The autumn leaves or Kouyo are in full blaze, and there are some beautiful colors sprawled out across the slopes The staff as usual are […]