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Updated November 10, 2014:  Nestled in the Japan Alps is a magical place steeped in culture and with some terrific skiing and boarding. Nagano was home to the Winter Olympics in 1998.

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Nozawa Holidays - Ski Japan

Nozawa Holidays – Ski Japan

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Nozawa Onsen is a very traditional town with beautiful hot springs, friendly locals, and awesome snow. Our Lodge gives you amazing value and we have a range of accommodation to suit any budget.

  • The Lodge is only 100m to the slopes and short stroll to town
  • Relaxed and comfortable atmosphere
  • In the centre of Japan’s main Island Honshu easy access from anywhere
  • You can fly direct to Tokyo or Nagoya and there is a shuttle bus direct to the Lodge
  • English and Japanese Speaking Staff to help with all your needs
  • Unique and beautiful place with breathtaking nature and culture
  • Nozawa Village is also famous for its hot springs, there are many nearby
  • Lots of terrain, with Gondolas, high speed quads, and long runs – very few lift lines
  • And of course, there’s plenty to do in Nozawa Onsen
  • Find out more about Nozawa Onsen
“Thanks Mark – we were first invited to Nozawa years ago and have been enjoyed the skiing, the village and your hospitality ever since.  Thanks for helping us enjoy it so much,” Lyndell, Paper Divas

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Nozawa Onsen received a terrific write up in an Australian travel newspaper section.

Top 5 Reasons To Ski In Japan

Check out this great article from the Sydney Morning Herald on the Top Five Reasons to Ski In Japan.

We proudly own and operate 4 fantastic accommodation properties in Nozawa Onsen!

Over the next few weeks we’ll be updating so if you’re looking to ski Japan then you won’t find a better deal!

Light snow showers add 5cm overnight

by Mark on February 27, 2017

Hiuchi-yama, 2461m

Hiuchi-yama, 2461m

Base at top: 360 cm
Temp at Top: -8 Degree
Base at Uenotaira station: 275 cm
New snow since close: 5 cm
Weather: Light snow

Sparse snowflakes are falling about the village today adding a dusting to the base of 5cm up top and a few centimetres at base elevations. The winds are very light and are forecast to stay this way for the next few days. We are expecting the clouds to gradually clear during the afternoon bringing nice views of the surrounding countryside. There should be some fun skiing on offer today with the best bet being the Yamabiko natural halfpipes or on piste for carving.

Over the last few days there was some decent spring skiing across the resort with mostly fine weather. However a group of us decided to head further afield, spending three days camped up in an alpine area near Myoko. On this adventure we experienced a true juxtaposition of Japan. In the high alpine there were almost no people; just unbelievable mountain ranges, steaming volcanos and mesmerising starscapes. For todays report I have attached a photo of this area. On the right we see the high peak of Hiuchi-yama (2461m and easily visible from Nozawa) and towards the left of frame is the steaming volcano of Yakeyama. For those with an interest in this kind of thing, make sure you pick up the latest copy of Snow Action magazine where I have written an article of a five day adventure traversing around the Myoko volcano. Definitely worth the read!

For the next few days we are in for some amazing touring/ fair weather skiing conditions with mostly sunshine, extremely light winds and perfect temperatures; not too cold, not too warm. This should last until Wednesday night when a cold flow moves over the region once more. From this we can expect some decent snowfalls perhaps totalling 30cm by Friday morning and then continuing on and off into the weekend.


Spring snow conditions

by Mark on February 23, 2017

Views from Mt Kenashi to the south.

Views from Mt Kenashi to the south.

Base at top: 370 cm
Temp at Top: +1 Degree
Base at Uenotaira station: 275 cm
New snow since close: 0 cm
Weather: Rain

As expected mild weather and rain has moved over the region overnight creating a very maritime atmosphere in the village of Nozawa Onsen this morning. On the upside the rain isn’t heavy, more so persistent light showers. Overall the skiing will be poor off piste today and okay on piste. It will probably be more of a skiing day than snowboarding where the double edge grip can hold an advantage on piste. Some fun might be had by even crossing to the alternate side equipment wise? Another good down day activity is a visit to the world famous snow monkeys, about an hours drive away and on today.

The Famous Snow Monkeys Tour Nozawa

Today might seem like a bit of a let down after yesterdays stunner. Superb conditions across the mountain with good powder snow on offer over a firm base layer. While not entirely bottomless the windblown snow was more than welcome by abundant powder hunters. The views had to be seen to be believed, particularly north and south along Japan. The Hakuba area was especially clear and with snow coating even the flat plains of Iiyama and Nakano created more than a few photographic opportunities.

Looking ahead and light snow showers will move over tonight topping up the cover with perhaps 10-15cm. These will then continue into tomorrow before clearing for a partly cloudy weekend. Another series of weak snow showers for Sunday afternoon although I don’t expect much more than a dusting from this. Early next week and a large high pressure occupies central Japan followed in by a spiralling low that might produce snowfalls from mid next week onwards.


Waste no time this morning!

by Mark on February 22, 2017

A vast meadow of fresh lays await for Lada's slash

A vast meadow of fresh lays await for Lada’s slash

Base at top: 380 cm
Temp at Top: -11 Degree
Base at Uenotaira station: 290 cm
New snow since close: 5 cm
Weather: Clear

Epic conditions across the mountain today. Light winds, mostly clear, deep snow that is almost entirely untracked and cold temperatures. Get it while it lasts. Top picks are the entire mountain, can’t go wrong today. As per usual don’t do anything stupid/beyond your abilities/without knowing where your going. Off piste is still sketchy but the designated tree areas are offering more than anyone could want at the moment.

Yesterday we saw strong winds tease us with upper mountain and Nagasaka gondola wind holds on and off through the day. All things were go first thing, but after about an hour of operation these lifts were shut down and remained offline until mid afternoon. However with deep wind compacted powder blanketing the resort this wasn’t really an issue and most found limitless fun on the lower half of the mountain. The snowfalls continued through the day bringing the 24hour total too 3pm upwards of 60cm. Thats a nice sized dump and one of the largest for February this season.

Casting my eyes into fascinating field of weather forecasting I can see some foul rainfall for tomorrow. Gross! But looking further ahead and things are much more promising. Friday it’ll snow, hopefully around 10-20cm, maybe slightly more or less. For the weekend, mostly fine weather. But looking into next week and I can see a spiralling low making multiple loops from the NW over central Honshu. If this comes off we will see some substantial falls and a great start to March. Check back for updates, the predictions will become firmer as time rolls on.


Half a meter overnight

by Mark on February 21, 2017

Nozawa Onsen village re-buried

Nozawa Onsen village re-buried

Base at top: 385 cm
Temp at Top: -8 Degree
Base at Uenotaira station: 290 cm
New snow since close: 40 cm
Weather: Heavy snow

Heavy snow and strong winds are continuing to lash the resort of Nozawa Onsen in what has been a significant turn of winter. Since the close of lifts yesterday we have had 40cm fall at Yamabiko but given the strong winds and continued falls through this morning its possible that the totals are more than this. Deep snow will be had through the trees that will also provide the greatest visibility. Off piste will be extremely dangerous as the storm snow has collected over an icy base layer littered with death cookies. Stability is very low and the chance of hitting an unseen cookie underneath is very high. Luckily even on piste will offer deep powder today. To keep out of the wind and fog I can suggest exploring the lower resort areas.

Yesterday rain fell for much of the day below 1200m. During the afternoon the Nagasaka gondola re-opened allowing access to the higher mountain however conditions weren’t inspiring. Those that braved the weather encountered some decent (considering the conditions) snow. The pistes were slushy and fairly fast flowing with only a few sticky sections.

During the afternoon snowfalls will gradually ease before clearing overnight tonight. I think tomorrow will be mostly fine weather with light winds and gradually warming temperatures through the day. On Thursday another tropical low will move through with some rain, not unlike yesterday. But this will turn into light to moderate snowfalls for Friday. Next weekend is predicted to be mostly fine weather.


Wild nature, wind and rain lashes Nozawa Onsen

by Mark on February 20, 2017

Cloudscape over Iiyama

Cloudscape over Iiyama

Base at top: 360 cm
Temp at Top: -2 Degree
Base at Uenotaira station: 270 cm
New snow since close: 5 cm
Weather: Rain, snow above 1200m

There is absolutely no sugar coating this, it is horrible weather outside right now. It is snowing at the top of the mountain (freezing point at about 1200m) however you cant actually get there thanks for strong westerly winds shutting down the upper mountain. So if you want to ski or board today it’ll be in the rain. Ill admit it can be awesome skiing in the rain with fast snow on piste but sometimes you just need to take the hint from nature and call in a rest day.

Otherwise on the agenda, a soak in one the thirteen free onsens in town. If you can manage all of them with the stamps from out the front for proof, then you can claim a free onsen towel. Wicked! Perhaps a stroll through the winding narrow streets that make up this remarkable town, I can recommend checking the natural cooking onsen up near the temple district. But its not all bad news as heavy snow will move over the resort later tonight. Maybe we will wake tomorrow with 30cm on the ground?

Yesterday the isolated snow showers quickly cleared into a fine day. The sun was shinning for much of the afternoon making for an excellent day to explore the resort. Off piste was dangerous with a sketchy crust layer and death cookies littering the gullies. Luckily on piste was fun to make up for it and the natural gullies up at Yamabiko were in fine form. To finish things off, a nice sunset over the Myoko-san volcano.

Looking ahead at the forecast after tonights heavy snowfalls we are due for some very cold temperatures tomorrow. Snowfalls will continue during the day adding nicely to what was lost today. For Wednesday, some sunshine may make an appearance. Later in the week another tropical low will influence the region bringing weather not too dissimilar to today. Luckily snowfalls will once again back up the warm influx.