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Updated November 10, 2014:  Nestled in the Japan Alps is a magical place steeped in culture and with some terrific skiing and boarding. Nagano was home to the Winter Olympics in 1998.

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Nozawa Holidays - Ski Japan

Nozawa Holidays – Ski Japan

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Nozawa Onsen is a very traditional town with beautiful hot springs, friendly locals, and awesome snow. Our Lodge gives you amazing value and we have a range of accommodation to suit any budget.

  • The Lodge is only 100m to the slopes and short stroll to town
  • Relaxed and comfortable atmosphere
  • In the centre of Japan’s main Island Honshu easy access from anywhere
  • You can fly direct to Tokyo or Nagoya and there is a shuttle bus direct to the Lodge
  • English and Japanese Speaking Staff to help with all your needs
  • Unique and beautiful place with breathtaking nature and culture
  • Nozawa Village is also famous for its hot springs, there are many nearby
  • Lots of terrain, with Gondolas, high speed quads, and long runs – very few lift lines
  • And of course, there’s plenty to do in Nozawa Onsen
  • Find out more about Nozawa Onsen
“Thanks Mark – we were first invited to Nozawa years ago and have been enjoyed the skiing, the village and your hospitality ever since.  Thanks for helping us enjoy it so much,” Lyndell, Paper Divas

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Nozawa Onsen received a terrific write up in an Australian travel newspaper section.

Top 5 Reasons To Ski In Japan

Check out this great article from the Sydney Morning Herald on the Top Five Reasons to Ski In Japan.

We proudly own and operate 4 fantastic accommodation properties in Nozawa Onsen!

Over the next few weeks we’ll be updating so if you’re looking to ski Japan then you won’t find a better deal!

Get ready for round two

by Mark on February 2, 2015



Base up top: 450 cm    Temp Top; -10 Degrees

Base at bottom; 280 cm

New Snow since close: 30-40 cm

Weather; Snow


Ridiculous. That was what yesterday was like. The depth of the snow was real up there, probably the third deepest day of the season. Wind loaded slopes were around chest to neck, all other slopes around waist. If you weren’t on your game you paid the price with many frustrating entrapments but if you kept the rhythm going the reward was some of the best powder turns on the planet.

Snow continued to fall all day yesterday becoming lighter overnight. Since last lifts yesterday an additional 30-40cm has fallen bringing the storm total to 120cm in 48 hours. Skiing and boarding today will again be epic with the overnight falls refreshing tracked areas. The snow has also had time to settle making the deep snow even more manageable and hopefully improving the stability, which was extremely low yesterday.

The forecast indicates snow will continue at light to moderate levels for the rest of the day becoming isolated and less frequent tomorrow. Isolated falls will then continue in combination with light winds and occasional breaks of sunshine from Wednesday to Friday. Saturday is forecast to be clear at this stage but confidence on these long range predictions is low.


Pow! Just Like That

by Mark on February 1, 2015

Jerry smashes some powder.

Jerry smashes some powder.

Base up top: 430 cm    Temp Top; -10 Degrees

Base at bottom; 260 cm

New Snow since close: 45 cm

Weather; Snow

Its on!! 45cm of ultra dry blower pow has descended overnight. Conditions will be exceptional and that icy base layer with cookies will be mostly buried out of sight but not out of mind. Avalanche danger will be very high. Get out there and enjoy, but be safe.

Yesterday saw a blizzard rage for most of the day. Strong winds meant the gondola was running very slow and blowing snow with cloud severely reduced line of sight and definition in open areas. But the lower trees and pistes were very fun indeed with knee to waist deep blown snow.

Moderate snowfalls should continue for the remainder of today, becoming light tomorrow and receding to isolated falls by Tuesday. Some sunshine is a possibility for Wednesday but snow is set to return in the second half of the week with around three distinct dumps on the horizon.


Fresh Snow Comes to Nozawa Onsen

by Mark on January 31, 2015

Villa Nozawa manager Gab tests the knees by dropping into the flats with style.

Villa Nozawa manager Gab tests the knees by dropping into the flats with style.

Base up top: 380 cm    Temp Top; -7 Degrees

Base at bottom; 220 cm

New Snow since close: 15-20 cm

Weather; Wind and snow

The snow is here! It has picked up overnight and we have 15cm of fresh sitting at the summit, 20cm on the more protected upper slopes. A higher amount at lower elevations is a key indicator for wind and a quick glance outside confirms there is some fast moving air about the mountain today. Hopefully the gondolas get up and running without issue although likely at a reduced speed. Looks for some sweet wind features from loaded fresh but be aware of the icy base and death cookies lingering underneath. Stability is low as of this regard.

Yesterday was decent on the groomed runs however most people were antsy for some fresh japow. Light but moist snow fell for most of the day adding to the base and visibility was okay given the cloudy skies.

Looks like the snow will increase later today becoming heavier overnight. A slight wind shift from WNW to NW is predicted and required for optimum snowfalls in Nozawa Onsen. Around 30cm should be expected overnight when this occurs. Its disappointing how much this weather system has downgraded over the past few days however thats weather for you, always chopping and changing for better or worse. Snowfalls should ease by Monday, becoming clear on Tuesday.


Czech National powder day mission steeps

by Mark on January 30, 2015

Czech National powder day mission steeps.

Czech National powder day mission steeps.

Base up top: 380 cm    Temp Top; -4 Degrees

Base at bottom; 220 cm

New Snow since close: 0 cm

Weather; Overcast

What a day it was yesterday! The snow was not deep by any margin and many tree areas were riddled with dreaded death cookies but those who got up on the hill were rewarded with stunning morning views as clouds drifted over and away from the resort revealing the beautiful surrounding landscape. The lower angle open slopes held some nice powder that was certainly rideable and the groomers were just about perfect being soft, smooth and fast. With such uncrowded slopes at the moment it was almost as if everyone knew everyone on the hill. A great atmosphere and vibe all round!

Today the atmosphere holds a definite prefrontal feel too it. There is something coming and everyone knows it. Powder is coming!! This morning its overcast above the village and we expect light flurries on the upper slopes later. Groomers will definitely be the pick today. By later tonight the freezing level is expected to nosedive in conduction with moderate to heavy snowfalls.

Tomorrow blizzard conditions aren’t out of the question as strong winds are forecast with heavy snow. Snowfalls and winds should ease to moderate levels on Sunday before becoming light to moderate on Monday. From then on variable clear with isolated snow showers weather is set to last most of next week. All together the forecast received a significant downgrade over the past few days but it still looks very good indeed.


Clear Blue

by Mark on January 29, 2015

BC Lines.

BC Lines.

Base up top: 380 cm    Temp Top; -11 Degrees

Base at bottom; 225 cm

New Snow since close: 0 cm

Weather; Clear

As expected it’s a mostly clear morning in Nozawa Onsen with light winds and lengthy visibility. The alpinglow on the surrounding peaks was a spectacular backdrop for snow covered farmland. With a smaller than expected amount of snow yesterday the riding today won’t be exceptional but on the top third of the mountain will have a moderate fresh layer. The groomed runs will also be in good shape and well worth a look when the powder becomes tracked out.

Looking at the forecast ahead tomorrow should be partly cloudy with snow showers above around 800m. The freezing level is then expected to drop in conjunction with a cold front producing moderate to heavy snow over the weekend. This system will be lengthy in duration with falls continuing until around mid next week. Good times ahead.